Pregnancy is one of the most precious times in the life of a woman. Nine months and then a bundle of joy is true happiness. This pleasure needs to be nurtured very well. Signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

The commonest symptom is missing of a period. Occasionally one may have spotting at the time one would have expected the period.
The other common symptoms are nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, fatigue, and tiredness.On examination the doctor may notice a enlarged uterus which can be felt through the abdomen only when more than 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Diagnosis of pregnancy

The pregnancy hormone is ß- HCG. This is easily detected by a simple two minute home pregnancy test. An ultrasound examination can confirm the pregnancy. It will also give very valuable information on the number of fetuses, location of pregnancy, size of the sac and overall health and viability of the pregnancy.

Common problems in pregnancy

Nausea, vomiting and heartburn are common problems. One should avoid fried and spicy foods and maintain good hydration. It is safe to take doxylamine, and vitamin B -6 which are effective in preventing and controlling the symptoms. Ondansetron has also been used effectively. One may also have loss of appetite and very peculiarly have complete aversion to sight of some foods.

Constipation is also a common problem. It can lead to piles and unnecessary blood loss during pregnancy. Increasing fluid and fibre intake, and stool softeners can help tide over the situation.




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