What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic Surgery is a branch of surgical specialty where surgeons try to mould or give shape to the tissues.


What is Aesthetic Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Surgery?


Aesthetic Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Surgery branch is aimed at enhancing or restoring a person’s physical appearance or beauty, and uses surgical or medical techniques to enhance different areas of the body.
Cosmetic surgery is used to treat any area of the body that needs to be enhanced including face,neck,scalp,hands,arms, breasts, abdomen, thighs, calves,hips, and buttock,etc.


Does Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery will not have scars after the operation. Is it true?


That is not true. Healing of any wound is with scar tissue. But a Plastic Surgeon takes extreme care to get a least visible scar by placing the incision in the natural creases of the body. You must realize that the scars are permanent and it will take three months to one year to mature & look their best.


What are the specialized areas of Plastic surgery?

In addition to Cosmetic surgery, Plastic Surgeons are the best doctors to manage BURNS, Facial injuries and Hand injuries, open fractures of leg & hand,defects after excision of parts having cancer ,Congenital defects like cleft lip, deformities of ear, Hypospadias, fused fingers, Abdominal hernias, skin tumours , chronic wounds & diabetic ulcers in the foot,etc.


What are common Cosmetic Plastic Surgery demands asked by your patients?


Heavy Buttocks & Thighs in female & Excess fat on chest of men are common Cosmetic surgery demands along with demands for Nose Reshaping & Scar revisions.
Pendulous abdomen and big breasts are also very common . They are usually seen after multiple pregnancies. Many women suffer from the hanging pounds of flesh and there after effects like difficulty in walking, knee and heel pain. Some women have neck and back pain due to heavy breasts. Hence surgeries for pendulous abdomen and big breasts are really surgeries related to functional restoration rather than Cosmetic.









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